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WENZHOU JUMBOSTEEL MACHINERY CO.,LTD as a professional manufacturer of paper straws machinery. Plastic waste is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world,Website:http://www.paperstrawline.com, Since beginning of 21 century, during worldwide movement of plastic bag ban, many countries including China had to face environmental problems. After plastic bag problem has been controlled, plastic straw become a new issue. In recent months, seemingly every major company and internet celebrities have pledged to ditch their plastic straws, leading to considerable media coverage. The United Kingdom, the European Union and United State are considering ban plastic straw as earlier as possible. Many of Our clients, domestic and overseas start ask about paper straw and equipment for produce paper straw. But the market for paper straw equipment and product was confusion. According to great demand, four company joint to Concentrating strength on set up a company to supply high active turnkey solution for paper straw, including design and export based on professional equipment manufacture technology over 20 years . And with the experience of 10 years working with paper bag, we built a standard workshop for produce paper straw with strict quality controlled.
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